Al Campo

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Photographs by Ernesto Bazan.

Afterword by Colin Westerbeck.

BazanPhotos Publishing, 2011. 200 pages, 88 color illustrations, 15.5″ 10.75″ 

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An intimate look of the photographer’s farmer friends in Cuba, showing their hard and beautiful life in the amazing Cuban countryside reminiscent of his Sicilian land. The book is considered a watershed in his work because by using color the author started paying attention to the poetry of life present in still life of broken chairs and flowers strewn on the ground, landscapes. The book is the second part of Bazan’s Cuban trilogy.

“With the eighty eight color photographs I tried to express the unforgettable experiences shared with my farmer friends, my only true friends of those years.By taking color my way of seeing reality changed. I began to see the extraordinary colors of the island and especially the Cuban countryside, with its unique shades of green, yellow, red and blue. But not only were the colors that surprised me; I realized that when I was shooting color I lent more attention to still life, landscapes, to all that through the years I’ve began to call the poetry of everyday life. ” EB

Inside the book there are references to numerous writers whose work I feel has some affinities with mine, including some Nobel literature authors such as Jose Saramago, Mario Vargas Llosa and Octavio Paz. The book also contains an open letter written by my dear mother.

At the end of the book a critical essay reveals the similarities and differences between my Cuban work in black and white and the one in color.

The format of the book is 38.3 cm wide by 26 cm in height. 200 pages, eighty-eight photographs printed on a beautiful German paper, using the latest generation of inks that give greater dynamic color rendering, increasing the intensity and depth particularly of the reds and blacks.

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