About BPP

BazanPhotos Publishing was founded by the photographer Ernesto Bazan in 2008. The main motivation that prompted him to do so was his desire to maintain total control over all of his images and text. As he pointed out in the thank you letter of Bazan Cuba:

“As soon as I envisioned this 14-year-project on my life in Cuba, I knew that I needed to maintain the full integrity of each image and each word. I couldn’t let anybody alter or destroy its content. I knew that only by creating an independent publishing house I could assure that my wishes would be respected”.

His many students and friends have played a major role in the creation of BazanPhotos Publishing. Thanks to their generous creative and financial support his first book Bazan Cuba came to life in 2008.

The book has won many awards including Best Book of the Year at the New York Photo festival in 2009.

Bazan Cuba was printed in three different language editions: English, Italian and Spanish.The English version has already become a collector’s item. The Italian and Spanish versions are on their way to becoming rare items as well.

BazanPhotos Publishing believes in the philosophy of word of mouth, with direct sales of the books during presentations and lectures. BPP books can also be purchased directly on our web page and an online Amazon bookstore BP Books & Books, and few selected photography bookstores.

We truly hope that you will enjoy our books and that you will help us with your support to spread the word with your friends and family.

Our ultimate goal is to reach out to many people, not just photography lovers that, as I like to say, still have their souls attached to the rest of their bodies.

We look forward to hearing from all of you. EB