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BazanCuba (2008), Al Campo (2011), and Isla (2014)

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In the last five years of my Cuban life (from 2001 to 2006) for some, almost, magical reasons, besides using my 35 mm camera with black-and-white film I started shooting also with color negatives with another exact camera, and in black-and-white with a Hasselblad X-Pan panoramic camera. The latter allowed me the opportunity to shoot and frame life in a totally different way. I was switching from one camera to the other with a nonchalance and easiness that I’ve never been able to acquire again after leaving the island. While working I wasn’t thinking in creating a photographic project, in making books: I was simply enjoying my Cuban life, my family, and my farmer friends. Those Cuban years have been memorable and extraordinary in their simple daily life. I need to confess that in the following years after leaving the island I had almost forgotten some of the pictures taken with the panoramic camera. A few years ago opening by chance a photographic paper box I found many work prints. Looking at them my memory returned and I started paying more attention to all of them. After Bazan Cuba that was self-published in 2008, Al Campo followed in 2011, this year, 2014, we’ve managed to self-publish again with the help and support of many of my students Isla. It represents the last and final book on this unexpected and unimaginable Cuban trilogy. What a miracle! EB

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